NCC (National Cadet Corps)

NCC is the acronym of National Cadet Corps. It is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces, with its headquarters in New Delhi, India.

The Motto of NCC “Unity and Discipline”.

In Our college NCC was established in 2003. Strength of NCC cadets are 100. The NCC unit is functioning under the guidance of 12(T)Bn, NCC Nizambad.

Since we have been conducting NCC parades and classes for cadets with PI staff and college ANO and also conducting social services activities like Blood Donation camps and tree plantation and also our college cadets have selected for RDC and TSC as well as Combined Annual Training Camps..

Benefits of NCC and Certificate

As, We mentioned that it provides leadership quality, discipline and also develops interpersonal skills other than that

  • There are a total of 32 seats which are set aside for cadets who hold NCC certificate provided they have scored 50% in graduation with at least a B grade in C level examination.
  • If all this suffices, they are eligible for SSC without qualifying for a CDS written exam. All they have to do is clear the SSB interview*7*.
  • Other than SSB, they also get a preference over others in the CRF and BSF.
  • Other than just armed forces, several central and state governmental organizations give special preference to NCC cadets.

Types of NCC Certificates:

NCC offers three types of certificates based on duration

NCC “A” Certificate: This certificate is given to the cadet when they complete the first level of training and most probably are in school. A cadet earns this certificate after 1-2 years training and attending minimum 1 camp.

NCC “B” Certificate: This Certificate is given to the cadet when cadet has the minimum 75% of attendance in NCC training in the senior wing..

NCC “C” Certificate: The Highest certificate offered by NCC in C certificate. It comes with many benefits any cadet can earn this certificate in the third year of training and after attending minimum of 2 national trainings.

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