Infosys Springboard

Scope and Details of the Services:

Infosys has launched Springboard initiative to accelerate progress on its ESG goal to expand digital re-skilling initiatives to 10 million plus people by 2025. As part of Infosys CSR, Infosys Springboard provides a curriculum-rich virtual platform that delivers corporate-grade learning experiences, on any device, with closer educator-learner collaboration for students from Class 6 to lifelong learners. This, alongside formal education, helps accelerate digital re-skilling for participating

learners, ranging from school and college students to professionals and adults. Infosys Springboard’s holistic set of courses, powered by Infosys Wingspan and developed in collaboration with world-leading digital content providers, takes advantage of Infosys’ 4 decades of rich experience in employee and broad-based student competency development. It is also fully aligned with India’s National Education Policy 2020. The learning program is particularly well- suited to grow vocational skills in addition to soft skills. Master-classes, programming challenges, practice areas and playgrounds for experimentation make the training immersive for all. The assessment formats that follow are new-age ready with certification for learners who pass the virtual proctored examination. As of February 2022, nearly 17.5 lakhs learners and 1000+ education institutions, NGOs and support groups are already onboard Infosys Springboard. Infosys Springboard empowers:

Students to ‘learn by doing’ and develop holistically in preparation for emerging jobs and career opportunities

Women with a focused learning micro site, specialized resources and expert mentors for

Working professionals with advanced digital skills to prepare them for new age and emerging roles of future.

Teachers to better collaborate with learners on their skilling journey using the platform’s engagement features

NGOs to extend learning benefits more broadly, especially to the underserved sections of society

Infosys Springboard will further amplify ongoing programs like Infosys Campus Connect to deepen industry-academia relationships, Infosys Catch Them Young annual training program in Information Technology for high school students and Aspire and Achieve workshops for aspiring professionals. Infosys Springboard App is now available on both Play Store and App Store. Following are some of the new learning initiatives and capabilities launched recently.  Infosys CodersZen, for learning programming languages Java, Python, C#, JavaScript and more.

Virtual / digital classroom capabilities which can be leveraged by the institutions to conduct their regular online classes.

Video Proctored Exam / Assessments environments which can be used by institutions to conduct online test.

All of the above features including Telemetry, customized microsite, Virtual Digital Classrooms and Video proctored Exam environments are available for institutions to leverage.

College students have access to quality content in professional programming, Playgrounds for all emerging technologies, domain skills and project management skills from leading content providers in the world. They also have access to certification programs which will improve their employability.

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