The IETE focuses on advancement of the science and technology of electronic, telecommunication, computing, information Technology and related area. Towards this end the institution promotes and conducts basic engineering and continuing technical education programmes for human resource development.


Advancement of Electronics, Telecommunication, Information Technology & other related disciplines to contribute in Nation’s Human Resource & Infrastructure Development through our Engineers.


  • Improving standard of Engineering Education
  • Counselling the students in the emerging new opportunities
  • Encouraging and motivating the outside Class room studies / Workshops/projects/Seminars
  • Increasing the student base and Corporate membership of IETE


  • To plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.
  • To provide common platform for students to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest, e.g., curriculum, employment, higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, etc.
  • To facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.
  • Encourage team spirit and self reliance among student members.


  • Priority for publishing their papers in Journal of Education.
  • Can also subscribe for other publications such as IETE Journal of Research and IETE Technical Review (available online).
  • ISF students are welcome to attend IETE technical programs in India at reduced Regn. Fees.
  • ISF member will be issued with an Identity Card.

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